Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Figured it Out!!!

Hey, thanks for all your ideas, girls!! I decided to try using my flat iron in the same way that I did last week, but this time, I moved it rapidly through my hair, and, as Scuttle would say, "Voila...

...You got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over!!" That is the exact look I was going for! Yay! (Now, if I had time today to put on makeup, that would have made my day darn near perfect. Thank goodness I have brown eyelashes.) So, for future reference, girls, do it like the cute Hawaiian girl did it, but nice and fast. Slow for ringlets; fast for waves.

So, Patty Duke came over tonight for some dinner (Ken is out of town, so I told her to come eat with us) and some hair experimentation. I originally thought we'd just be curling her hair, but she actually asked me to dye it first! Ahhh! I was nervous, but it turned out really nice! We thought we'd take a "before shot":

You know, how people always look sad and schlumpy in Before Shots. That was what we were going for with that picture. And, Em, I dedicate Patty's t-shirt to you. Long live NKOTB.

Patty actually wanted to dye her hair black! She's so brave! She's very adventurous with her hair. She told me she used to have short, blonde hair in high school! Who'd have thunk it?

Here I am with my cool gloves:

I should never pose with my head at that angle. I should know better!! Ben says I look like I have Downs Syndrome when I have my head at that angle for pictures. Awfully nice of him. :) I just don't have a very angular jaw. My sis, Nat, has the most gorgeously angular jaw ever. She doesn't have to worry about looking like she has Downs Syndrome in pictures.

The dyeing process:

Do you like my sweet jammy pants? I inherited them from Texi, and they are soooo comfortable.

Sadie pretended to dye her hair while I was working on Patty's. There was this extra comb-in thing that we weren't using, so she had a good time pretending to dye her own hair. If she ever dyes her hair, I will "dye" (Hahaha! I'm so punny!), because her hair is the most gorgous color:

During processing time, we made pipe cleaner sculptures while watching The Da Vinci Code on TV. Tom Hanks really should avoid wearing long hair, in my humble Kar opinion. Dylan found some pipe cleaners that we had lost (This happens often at our house. Things disappear for months and then suddenly resurface) and he wanted to play. He asked Ben to make him a helicopter, and of course, it was perfect. Ben really is so gifted:

Sadie wanted a helicopter, too, and here is my very poor attempt:

Patty made a flower for Sadie:

Then, it was time to rinse Patty's hair out and play with it. While Patty and I were experimenting with the flat iron, Ben sent Dylan in with this really wonderful pipe cleaner sculpture:

Yes, the dude is flipping us off. Nice, Ben. Nice. In the meantime, Sadie was playing with Patty's hair products - you can count on Sadie to make a toy out of anything:

Here is Patty's "After" picture:

I should have taken it after she finished curling her whole head of hair, but oh well. Patty was very excited about how the color turned out, and I was pleasantly surprised at how shiny it was. I remember, in the past, box dyes being more matte in finish, so I'm glad they've updated them to make one's hair shiny.

Here is a slide show, mainly so that Patty can steal the pictures and throw them on her own blog. Her camera's batteries were dead:

And, Patty, sorry you had to be in my disgusting house. Seriously. So gross. Just want you to know that I did do my dishes after my kids were in bed. :)


anjie said...

I tried the "beachy waves" right after I read your last post and LOVED it! My hair doesn't quite reach my shoulders, but It still worked for me.Fun!

Nat said...

I'm glad the "beachy waves" turned out for you! And you totally don't look down syndrome in that picture, nor ever!

Lynita said...

I love the helicopter, and the little man sculpture! Ben is talented. I am happy you figured out how to do the beachy waves, I suck at doing my own hair! You look good with that style!

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