Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the "Cutest Baby Award" Goes to...


He's such a babe. See Ben's jeans? You can see the hole he patched on his left knee. So ugly! But he won't stop wearing 'em.
Anyways, back to Micah. He's just starting to grab his feet:

He fell asleep on me one night, which never happens. He usually prefers to fall asleep in his crib:

Ben took this picture because we thought it was so funny that his little fingers were interlaced:

Ben thought it would be funny to take a picture with a burp clcoth on Micah's head. I think he kind of looks like Gilligan, but with chubby cheeks:

I caught Micah laughing on video:


Here is Ben, giving Micah his first taste of Coke. Now, don't turn us in to CPS or anything - it was just a couple of sips, and we haven't done it since:


And here are Mom and Micah - it took me three tries to get this dang video uploaded!!! I'm so glad it finally worked, because this is a cute video:



suzy Q. said...

Cute Micah! So much fun!!

Heath Family said...

Lainey agrees! When she saw Micah's pictures she said, "Aww Baby. Cuuute."

anjie said...

Babies are cute!

Emily said...

He is getting so big!

Mindy H. said...

He is so cute!

And you should so not be worried about the coke photo...there are phtots floating around my folks' house of my grandpa giving us all our first sips of, well, lets just say "not coke" when we were infants. It's a good thing there isn't an interview for a "blessing" recomend becuase we all would have failed the word of wisdom question.

Nat said...

What a cutie! I love that he's shaking his head "no" when Mom does.

Lynita said...

I love the laughing video, so adorable! I think my Uncle introduced Pepsi to Kaitlyn at about 9 mos! We are of course a Pepsi family, Ethan calls every soda Pepsi!

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