Friday, November 28, 2008

Shower Interruptions

That dang Dylan. He is so high-maintenance!! Whenever I take a shower (how dare I take ten minutes for myself???), he interrupts me about half a dozen times to ask for help or ask questions or to inform me about things. I've told him, um, every single day for about three years, to leave me alone when I'm showering; that I'll help him when I'm done. But he continues to pester me. Yes, we have a lock on our bathroom door, but Dylan uses his fingernail to unlock it. We really need to get a new doorknob with a lock he can't so easily pick.

I decided, a couple of days ago, to mentally keep track of the things he interrupted my shower for:

Interruption #1: "Mom, can you tie my Superman blanket around me so it looks like a cape?"
Interruption #2: "Mom, Sadie told me I'm stupid..."
Interruption #3: "Hey, Mom, I'm playing with my Legos, and I have one dragon and three weapons. Which one do you think will win the battle, the dragon, or the weapons?"
Interuption #4: "You were wrong, Mom. The weapons lost."
Interruption #5: "Hey, Mom, which one do you think will win now - the dragon, or the weapons?"
Interruption #6: "You were right, Mom. The dragon won."
Interruption #7: Sadie comes in, crying, followed by Dylan, saying, "Mom, Sadie punched me." (Sadie punched him and then spontaneously started crying? I think not.)
Interruption #8: "Mom, my pants are too loose. I need you to tighten the thingeys."
Interruption #9: "Mom, Bambi is done, so it's my turn to pick a movie, but Sadie thinks it's her turn still."
Interruption #10: "Mom, can you find for me? I want to play my games."
Interruption #11: "Mom, I need a drink."
Interruption #12: "I need to go potty."

Obviously, my answer to all of these interruptions was, "I'll help you when I'm done with my shower," except the last one, which was, "Thanks for the announcement, Dylan." Yeah, a new doorknob is going on my Christmas wish list. :)


Nat said...

Ya gotta love it. Whenever I get in the shower, I can hear screaming and yelling and crying, when they were totally fine while I was in the same room as them for the three hours (or whatever) before that. And as soon as the water is off, the banging on the door begins. "Moooom..." Heaven forbid moms should get 10 minutes to themselves to stay hygienic!

Mindy H. said...

I hope you get a nice quiet shower sometime soon. You sure deserve it!

Gifford Family said...

Kids are so fun.... aren't they?

Nicole said...

Oh, hilarious. And your story about the letter from your sis? Ok, THAT is funny.

Carrie said...

Oh the life of a mom. Sometimes when I need to go to the bathroom I feel like announcing. "Mommy needs to go potty. Everyone into the bathroom." There is no such thing as a private moment. Yes, I think a locked door would be a good addition to the home.

Ken and Patty said...

You should bribe him with more Piston Cups.

Jenny said...

ah - shower time, bathroom time, whatever. as soon as that door closes the kids automatically need something. at least he comes in alone. a friend of mine got out of the shower to see her daughter and the neighbor boy standing in the bathroom, looking at her!

Janiece said...

That is pretty funny!
My bathroom door has not locked properly for about 5 years.
But, my kids are grown and it is just the husband or the dog scratch on the door.
Why is it when ever you get in the shower SOMEBODY needs you...must be a mommy homing device.

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