Monday, November 10, 2008

Pie Night

I'm so proud of my little sis, Nat. She got all social and ambitious and instituted a Pie Night. I guess she and Pete's group of friends, back when they were just friends at Utah State, had Pie Night like once a week or something. So they decided to bring Pie Night back. Sing it with me now:

They're bringing Pie Night back... (Yeah!)
Them other pie-lovers don't know how to act... (Yeah!)
I think it's yummy pie behind their backs... (Yeah!)
So give me extras - I'll pick up the slack... (Yeah!)
(Take it to the bridge!)

Just a little homage to Justin Timberlake there.

So, um, the only people I knew there were Erin and Jaren, but Nat's leetle friends are very friendly, so I felt comfortable. Here are me, Micah, and Ben:

I thought it would be utter chaos, because each couple has, like, three to four kids, but Nat has the perfect setup in her house - the adults hung out in the living room upstairs, and the kids hung out in the family room downstairs. Here are a few of the many crazy kids that were there(and mine are the craziest in the picture):

Look at poor Dylan's jeans. Too small and too holey. Anyways, the kids stayed downstairs, for the most part! (Except for Troy. Because he's Important. He is always hanging with the adults.) The adults were even able to play games! It was a miracle! Well, actually, we just played one game - Catch Phrase. I'm soooo bad at that game. I get really flustered. But I scored a few points for the ladies (it was boys against girls), so I felt good about it.

So here's what I'm thinking. I can't really do any big social party anytime soon, because there is no place to banish the kids. Maybe someday we can add on to our house; but until then, we'll have to stick to summer parties, where we can shove the kids outside in our backyard. This is the same reason I don't like the kids to have friends over - there is no place for them to play. Their room is the size of a closet, and my bedroom is in the living room. The other day, I caught Dylan and his friend jumping on my newly-made bed. I was like, "Get out." So I might have to continue being The Mean Mom Who Doesn't Let Kids Into Her House, at least until I get my bedroom/basement finished. (Which is actually happening soon. It will be done being texturized, mudded, and taped on Thursday - then we can start priming and painting! Yeeeee!!)


suzy Q. said...

Man, I so wanted to go to pie night...stupid best friend getting married! Okay, not really. But I did want to go! Next time!

Janiece said...

That is what I always loved about my played in the gameroom downstairs and the "Big" people gt the upstairs.
I love the Pie Night Idea!

Heath Family said...

When we do Game Night in December we should add pie to the list of goodies. That sounds so good! I'm so excited for Friday. Kat is going to do The Newlywed Game.

The Boyles said...

Pie night is so fun - we actually had that tradition in our ward at BYU! Every Tuesday was pie night and it was really just an excuse to put off studying and socialize but we all loved it. I'm excited for you to get your basement finished :)

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