Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Premiere

My occupational therapist is the best:

Well, she's not my occupational therapist, though maybe I could use someone to help me cope with my occupation, which is being a mom. A therapist who could, I don't know, work with me on not clenching my jaw when I'm angry at the kids, or something. Anyways, she is Micah's occupational therapist, officially. And she is fantastic at what she does. I'm going to post a picture of her on here when I'm at my home computer. I don't have any pictures from my camera on my work computer. She has figured out what Micah's eating issue is - he has poor muscle tone in his cheeks. So he gets tired sometimes and doesn't want to eat anymore. He's still hungry, but he's too tired to suck. So he cries and yells when I try to give him more of his bottle, but then he cries and yells when I don't, because he's still hungry. It's frustrating. So what we're experimenting with right now is giving him breaks. And it seems to be helping him in his milk intake. During his meals where he's supposed to have veggies and/or cereal along with his bottle, we feed him the cereal and/or veggies, and then let him rest for an hour, and then give him his bottle. And he's taking in much more milk. Or sometimes, when it's just a milk meal, and he starts rejecting the bottle after only three ounces, I put it in the fridge for an hour, let him rest, and try again, and he usually will finish it up. It's frustrating, because I always work so hard to put my babies on a set schedule to teach them that they are supposed to eat when it's time to eat, but if this is what I need to do to improve his weight, then I'll do it. He's got a checkup on Monday - it will be interesting to see how much he weighs. I haven't taken him in since his three-month checkup. He certainly feels heavier and looks a little chubbier, so we shall see.

So, I love Micah's occupational therapist not only because she has helped us solve the Mystery of Micah, but also because she is just so cool. I love chatting with her. She and I both are crazy about the Twilight series, and this last Wednesday, she asked me if I was going to the movie on the 21st. I said, "Naw, I can't afford the tickets. I'll have to wait until next paycheck, maybe." Later that night, she shows up on my doorstep with two movie ticket vouchers. I guess her hubby gets a lot of free movie vouchers from the Edwards Cinema from his work. Can you believe how sweet that was? So Ben went and got us tickets. I thought he'd get us tickets to go to it last night, but he got tickets for the 12:30 showing on Thursday night/Friday morning!!

And it was a BLAST. (Thanks, Mom, for giving up your sleep and comfort to come baby-sit/sleep uncomfortably on our couch for a couple of hours.) There is just something about die-hards getting together at these kinds of things. We were all laughing so hard at the part where Edward first catches a whiff of Bella. When we first caught a glimpse of Jacob Black, there was an audible gasp from everyone in the audience (he is CUTE). We all growled at Jessica. I could hear several squeals when Edward and Bella first kissed. Tons of people came in t-shirts they had bought or made, and I even saw a teenaged dude dressed as Rosalie. Not kidding!!

I was at work for a couple of hours on Thursday evening, and while I scanned, I was looking at Twilight t-shirts online and fantasizing about which t-shirt I would have worn to the premiere, if I could have afforded one.
And Blogger is being a brat and not uploading the pictures of the shirts correctly, but really, they're shirts with words on them, so I'm going to tell you my favorites:
Forks, Wa. It Sprinkles so You Don't Sparkle.

Jacob Black, I Want to La Push You Off a Cliff! [That one made me think of Nat and Pete. They have had many conversations about how they hate Jacob, which has brought some confusion into their house, as their listening son, Jakob, thought they were talking about him!]

Yes, I'm a Mom. Yes, I've Read Twilight. Yes, I Love Edward. (Don't Tell My Husband.)

A Sparkly Man From Forks Told Me I Smell Good. [A bunch of my co-workers ordered those and wore them to the midnight premiere.]

Meanwhile, in a Town Named Spoons...

Cedward: So, Aveda Kedavra Just Turns You Into a Really Hot Vampire? Great Plan, Voldy.

So funny. I thought my fellow Twi-Hards would appreciate those. As my friend Patty would say, as far as the movie goes, I "la-hoved it." I'm wanting to see it again and again. I am such an addict. This is why I need to stay away from the books for awhile. I get so wrapped up in stuff like this, and then normal life seems really depressing. I'm such a weirdo.


suzy Q. said...

I was at the midnight premiere I completely didn't realize how die hard the twi hards are...I guess their name should have cued me in...but I actually did like the movie, I thought some parts were a little over the top (Like when Edward first sees Bella in Bio...WAY TOO MUCH...) but yeah, I actually saw it twice this much fun!

Nat said...

One of my Beehives was all, "I love Jasper". But after seeing his bad wig in the movie, maybe she'll change her mind!! :)

Gifford Family said...

I can't wait to see it. However, it is really hard to go see a movie with a colicy 6 week old baby! Jacob IS a hotty.

Ken and Patty said...

I went visiting teaching Sunday afternoon and Phylls Mills who is at least 70 went and saw Twilight and said, "Those vampires are really cute." She's going to get a poster for her living room. This is inescapable.

Ashley said...

I didn't like it as much as I was hoping I would! So sad...I thought it was a little slow and way to dramatic in parts. I loved the baseball scene on. I wish they would have developed the relationship between Bella and Edward more. Maybe it will be better the second time around!

Alexis Mayo said...

Loved it!!!
I've seen it 4 times (one night a bunch of us saw it twice in a row)
Total Twi-hard!!!
My friend bought me an Edward poster and it's hanging in my closet!!
Did you know it comes out on video on March 21st? I'm sooo gonna be the first one to buy it!!
I miss you and it's fun to read your blog and see what you've been up to.

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