Saturday, November 15, 2008


For dinner a couple of months ago, we had hamburgers and a veggie tray with my favorite veggie dip.
Ben goes, "Kar, this dip is so good. What are the green specks in it?"
"Ahhh... dill. Now, is it dill that your dad hates?"
"No, my dad hates garlic." [I'll have to blog about that later. There is a whole big story to his deep hatred of anything garlic.]
"Ohhh. I thought it was dill. Are you sure it isn't dill that he hates?"
Dylan was silently glowering at us during this conversation, but he does a lot of glowering, so I didn't pay much attention. And then he bursts out with: "Yes, grandpa DOES like me!!"
Dill... Dyl. You see the correlation he made there. So I chuckled and explained that we were talking about dill, the spice, not Dyl, him.
Dylan started giggling. "That's a little bit funny," he says.
I say, smiling, "You're a little bit funny."
Dylan says, "No, I'm REALLY funny."


Anonymous said...

That is really funny.

Aprillium said...

:D funny kid. Yes, I can see how he would think that.

probably thinking somthing to the effect of "Gee DAD! how could you say something like that, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!" :D

Norlund Clan said...

He is too funny.

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad you got the dill sorted out from the Dyl, and I love that he knows he is hilarious. Raising that kid is going to keep you in blog post material for a long, long time :)

Barnard Family said...

I can see that your kids have gotten your quick wit and humor! Love it!

Nat said...

When Pete and I were reading the Twilight series, we kept talking about Jacob Black, the character, and how we didn't like him, and Jakob would do the same thing. "You hate me?" "I am NOT annoying!" Things like that. We had to explain to him over and over that we were talking about a character in a book.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness...that IS funny....that poor kid sittin' there thinking grandpa may not like him. The relief that must have washed over him when he realized he was fine!

Autumn said...

I love it! At least he can chuckle at himself...that really is a hard concept to grasp at his age, or at any age for that matter! Way to go Dyl.

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