Monday, November 17, 2008

Benny Bones

"Benny Bones" is one of Ben's nicknames.

I have this...well... kind of boring picture of Ben sitting on my computer:

He was doing something funny (I don't remember what), but then he stopped when I went to take a picture of it. I wasn't going to put this picture on my blog, because there's really nothing to say about it, but then I read this post on my friend, Anjie's, blog. And I thought I would copy. It's not Ben's birthday or anything, but I think it's a good thing to occasionally write down the things you love about your hubby.

32 Reasons I Love Ben (because he's 32):
1. He wears a goatee just because I like it on him.
2. When he reads to the kids at night, he does funny voices.
3. He laughs silently. He just kind of smiles really big and shakes.
4. He is so handy. He can basically fix or do anything that a house needs. Except for taping, mudding, and texturing drywall. We had to have Brother McAffee do that for us downstairs. But Ben can do anything, and I mean anything, else.
5. He loves to pick out clothes for me, and he has excellent taste.
6. He loves babies. He is a total baby hog. Whether it's our baby or another person's baby, he finds it and hogs it.
7. He loves to cook, and he's really good at it! He is always adding extra spices and ingredients, and it always ends up being yummy. If I ever tried to add stuff, I'm pretty sure I'd ruin it.
8. He's always helping with the kids. I'm so grateful for that.
9. He loves his mommy and daddy. Even as a teenager, he would hold his mom's hand while they walked through the mall. I think that is so sweet.
10. He honors his priesthood and is more than willing to give me priesthood blessings.
11. He loves to take care of our lawn. I don't ever have to mow or edge or anything.
12. He takes care of the bills. Bills stress me out a lot, so he just does it.
13. He always gets lost when we're singing hymns in church or primary songs for family home evening. So he just kind of hums off-key until he finds where we are. It makes me laugh so hard.
14. He is really talented at what he does.
15. He takes criticism without acting defensive or getting mad. He listens and changes what he needs to change. I'm not talking about criticism I give him - criticisms when he was in grad school, and then some suggestions his boss gave him about a year ago. It takes a big man to take criticism without shooting back.
16. He lets me cuddle him at night when I'm really cold, even though I know he is always really hot and uncomfortable.
17. He makes the best malts ever.
18. I ask him, at least once a week, to tell me all the reasons he loves me. I don't know why - I guess I just like to hear it sometimes. And he always, always tells me every reason he can think of. That's awfully nice of him.
19. I can be unshowered, have baby barf on me, and have a greasy face, and he still always tells me how beautiful I am.
20. He tells me he loves me several times a day. And he touches me when he passes me in the house. Gives me a hug or kisses my forehead.
21. He is such a good artist. He can freehand draw anything, and it looks good. I am a horrible freehand drawer. I can copy stuff, but I can't originate stuff.
22. He loves to decorate the house. And he has a good sense of style.
23. He is really responsible. He would rather die than miss a day of work. He will be on his deathbed, but still always go to work.
24. He watches Jane Austen movies with me. He's a good sport. And he and I are totally going to Twilight together. :)
25. He's really, really good at cleaning stuff. And he's fast.
26. He's extremely forgiving. He just lets things roll off his back. He forgets them soon after they have happened.
27. He has the soul of a black woman. He is always doing one of those fast booty-shaking dances. It makes me laugh so hard. I wish I could figure out how to do that.
28. He is really good about playing with the kids and giving them individual attention.
29. He let me go on a little weekend trip with my parents, and he didn't even complain once that he had to miss a day of work and be with the kids by himself all weekend.
30. He has a gap between his front teeth, and he can squirt water out of the gap sooooo far. Like 10 feet. Sometimes he squirts the kids, and it makes me laugh. He is always goofing around.
31. He's very self-sacrificing. He hasn't built an RC airplane in, like, years, because he knows we can't afford it. He sold his mountain bike and several of his guns to help us survive.
32. He and I could talk, or not talk, for hours. That's a funny quote from Best in Show, one of my favorite movies. But it's true. I'm so comfortable with him. I'm never racking my brains to come up with something to say to him. We talk easily and comfortably, and sometimes we just sit quietly together, and it's nice.


anjie said...

That is a nice list. He sounds super!

Nat said...

I'm glad he's my bro-in-law. YAHOO for BEN! YAHOO for SCHOOL!

Ken and Patty said...

Ben. With or without a sinus infection he's just perfect. You forgot to mention that he can sculpt! That helicopter! I am STILL telling people about it.

Mindy H. said...

Congrats on snaging one of the good ones. You totally deserve a guy who is as great as you are.

Barnard Family said...

He sounds just as wonderful as you!

Autumn said...

Wow! What a list...I better do one for Rolf now. Miss ya! Oh, and I'm totally going to see Twilight at the midnight showing on Thursday. Yeah!!!

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