Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're turbo. We're spastic. We're turbo and we're spastic. And we're Sprinkler Heads! Sprinkler Heads! We're Turbo Spastic Sprinkler Heads!!!

When I was an EFY counselor, one of my favorite counselor friends had a group one week that was called the Turbo Spastic Sprinkler Heads. They did that cheer all week long. It was hilarious. I'm naming this post after that cheer, because my sisters and I are total spazzes. You'll see.

It's funny what you do when you find out that you're moving to a different country for eight months. One would think that I have been busily preparing - getting eight months worth of thyroid and ADHD medicine approved and bought for everyone, arranging for our mail to be somehow sent to China (?), signing the kids up for Idaho Virtual Academy... but no. I've been.... nesting.

Instead of calling our doctor and arranging to get malaria medication that we have to take the whole time we're there (this is a true story - I just found out yesterday), I've been... weeding my flower beds. Instead of talking to the health district about getting Gage's 12-month vaccines done early, I've been... scanning old photos onto our external hard drive.

I'm so weird. I remember when I went into labor with Gage. Instead of packing a little bag for the hospital, I decided to rearrange my books on my bookshelf. What is my problem??

Um, so, since I have been scanning old photos onto my hard drive, I thought I'd share. It's kind of like inviting everyone to a party, and then making them watch slide shows. Sorry 'bout tha', as Hagrid would say. But really, I think it's funny to see pics of anyone from the early nineties. Oh, the fashion. Oh, the hair.

I was scanning a picture from 1993 for my post about my hump, and I decided to just finish scanning the whole batch of them. So these pics are from my family's vacation to Florida, spring of 1993.

Somewhere in Disney World:

Poor Beads - you can't see her, because she's holding up Lex.

It's weird to see my sisters as different sizes. We've all been adults for so long that I forget the difference in our ages.

We went to Kennedy Space Center:

Why am I standing totally apart from my sisters? Weird. Nat says that I was the "lone wolf" in this picture.

I loved that dress. My mom got it for me at Sam's Club.

Poor Brianna:

She had to wear a headgear morning, noon, and night. I was lucky when I was her age - I only had to wear a headgear at night. Orthodontia really is so brutal. I've heard that great strides have been made, and that headgears are no longer used. I hope so, for my kids' sake.

We went to Epcot Center, too, which we loved. I never really knew what Epcot Center was until we got there - it's like the entire world, condensed into a few acres. We got these little "passports", and we'd go to each "country" and do activities there and eat different kinds of foods, and we'd get our passports stamped for each country. It was really fun. We were sooooo spastic. We posed weird for pictures at every single country.

Do you like my converses? I was so in love with those.

My adorable dad would just smile. We'd all be doing something weird, and he's the only one just standing there, smiling like a normal person. He's so cute:

I have nooo idea what I was doing here, but it makes me laugh:

I love this pic of Dad and I at MGM Studios:

He looks so young. And we are twinners. (I love that we're twinners. I hope that I age as well as he has.)

We stayed in some kind of condo over there, I think, and the condo had this big party with a rockin' band and an all-you-can-eat buffet. We went and had a BLAST:

Look! I had skinny jeans! I was way ahead of my time! Hahaha!

This picture makes me laugh soooo hard for two reasons:

1) What was I DOING?? Hahaha! and 2) Dude, look at my dad's pants. Aw yeah.

I paid dearly for this trip, as it turns out. My 10th grade honors English teacher had an absent work policy on her synopsis - starting the day you came home, you had one day for every day you were gone to complete your work and turn it in. We were gone for ten days. So when we got home, I should have had ten days to finish my absent work. She changed her mind, apparently. She informed me, my first day back, that every single thing was due the following day, or I would get an F. I was up all night long, doing these really intense projects. I turned them in the next day, and she said I was too late (she had changed her mind again), that I was going to get an F for all of it.

My parents were furious. They scheduled a meeting with the teacher and the principal. The teacher wouldn't budge. The principal just sat there, picking his nose. I sat there, crying. The teacher and my dad got into a yelling fight. It was awful. I think I was transferred into a different English class.

I was hoping never to have to interact with that teacher again, but we ended up working closely together two years later, when I was in Student Government. She was pretty mean to me when we had to do Multicultural Week together. It was awkward.

Ah, memories. That trip was totally worth all the drama, though. I want to go back soooo badly, especially now that they have the Harry Potter theme park over there. Oh mama.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you love going down memory lane??!! I love looking at what I wore as a kid!! Sounds like a fun vacation, except for the teacher! That sucks! I totally would've reported her and the principal to the school district. LOL Ok I probably wouldn't have, but I know I wouldn't have busted my butt to get all that work done in one night!!

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