Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Factoid for Ya.

So. I've been doing some research on Baoding - desperately trying to find an English-speaking or American school for the kids and NOT SUCCEEDING. Desperately trying to get into contact with some LDS people in Baoding so we can have church services (so far, not succeeding...) with someone besides ourselves, etc.

And I came across this little nugget of information - Baoding is where these little ball thingeys came from:

They're called, quite obviously, Baoding Balls. Ben had some when we first got married, actually, and I was like, "What ARE these??" He told me that you kind of roll them around in your hand, and they're supposed to bring you serenity and also give your hands strength and dexterity:

I think he (or let's be honest, I) took them to D.I. shortly thereafter. But I do remember that they have these little chimes inside of them that make these cute little tinkley noises when you roll the balls around.

I told Pooh about Baoding Balls and asked if she wanted me to bring some back for her. She said, "Um, no, I don't really feel the need for tinkling balls in my life." I laughed.


Camille said...

That IS way cool - and you can bring me back SOME! I'm in the need for some peace and serenity.

Emily said...

You can send me some.

Aprillium said...

Okay... so I was talking to my mom and mentioned you going to China, she fully recommended that Ben call and talk to my dad (who has worked in China and is aware of some of the cultural hoops that they jump through business wise and some of the things that may cause issues because of the culture gap business wise) also he may be able to tell you how to find English speaking schools etc or at least a Chinese contact who speaks English who may be able to help you out.

Hope this helps if you need their current phone number just text or call me!


PS They don't traditionally use diapers over there (they just use slits up the center of the clothing so the kid can pop a squat anywhere) so you may want to set up something for that ie family sending them or cloth ones for Gage.

Mindy H. said...

I have a few pairs of those that nephews love to goof around with. Now whenever I see/hear them, I will totally think of you! Congrats on this great opportunity and adventure. I can't wait to read all about it!

Lyner said...

That just brought back childhood memories. My dad had those in a blue box. I like them :)

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