Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter Morning

"Easter Mor-NING," by Kar. (Sung to the tune of "Easter Parade," one of my mom's most fave musicals.)

In your mama's jammies
(They're biggish for your gammies),
You're looking pretty silly
On this Easter mor-NING.

Mom has done the laundry,
But folding's quite the quandry.
Your dad's shirt was quite handy
On this Easter mor-NING.

That's a boomerang,
A new boomerang.
Daddy picked some toys for outside,
So you'll get off your bumb and enjoytheoutdoors!

Oh, Daddy also bought these -
Some shorts and shirts, if you please
You're growing like a big weed
On this Easter mor-NING.

What's with his obsession
With weird macabre expression?
Who else has skulls on clothing
On their Easter mor-NING?

Mommy got some jammies
(Just right for her large gammies).
Her neice would be so jealous
On this Easter mor-NING.

They have Tinker Bell,
Cute Tinker Bell.
Benny really was so thoughtful.
All I got him was a bunchofcandy!

My jammies aren't a doormat.
Get off them, Mikey! Go! Scat!
You got your candy on them
On this Easter mor-NING.

Xena left a present,
Some barf - it wasn't pleasant.
I had to scrub my ottoman
On this Easter mor-NING.

Mornings aren't for Sadie.
She's not a happy lady.
But Dylan had to wake her
On this Easter mor-NING.

When she saw her stuff,
All her Easter stuff,
She got over her frustration
At awaking at an ungodlyhour!

She got a creepy dolly
With button eyes - oh golly.
It's called a La-la-loopsy
On this Easter mor-NING.

She can't recall its na-ame,
She's quite the funny da-ame.
She calls it her "Ooh-la-la"
On this Easter mor-NING.

I'm such a fan of Easter.
I don't have to work off my keyster.
It's pretty low-key, easy,
Yes, it's Easter morNING.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL I love your version of the song:) I've never heard the other one.

Wow, your kids get a lot of loot!! Ours only got a little bit of candy and one toy each.

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