Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Theme for Our Easter Get-Together:


Isn't that picture hilarious? That's my neice, Ivy.

Oh my gosh, it was so gusty. It was so bad that it was kind of pushing us all around. Crazy wind.

Trying hard to get the dang egg hunt over with...

Trying to keep grocery bags under control...

If my family didn't live here, I'd be OUTTA here. I just cannot stand the wind.

Anyways. We actually celebrated Easter one week early, because my folks were going on a leetle trip and would be gone on Easter proper.

My adorable mom stuffed and hid... 150? Is that right, Mom? I think it is. 150 eggs for the kiddos to find. She's so awesome.

Mike chose the girly pink Easter basket, of course:

I couldn't get a decent shot of Brock or of Dylan. They were too busy gathering eggs and doing weird things with their mouths:

I do weird things with my mouth when I'm concentrating, too.

We got the egg hunt done as quickly as possible so we could get in out of the dang wind. I like this pic of Nat and Dad, scanning the area for any missed eggs:

Troy cracks me up. He did this head tilt thing almost every time I snapped his picture:

Ben stayed in and fed the baby while we were out freezing our arses off:

The kids counted how many eggs they found (Dylan won. He had to make sure everyone knew it, too), and then everyone emptied the eggs' contents into a communal bowl. Then we split the bowl up into equal parts - a huge bag for Nat's fam, a huge bag for my fam, etc. Dylan was very, very against this idea. He's always had a hard time sharing.

Then Ivy, Brock, and I matched and clicked together all of the egg halves. That was actually the most fun part of the night for me. I like organizing things. Because I am a nerdy organizer.

Then we had a yummy Easter dinner:

I made a yummy salad. I am my family's official Salad Maker. Maybe I'll put the recipe up here when I get home. It was a good one. I made one last night for our Mother's Day get-together, and it did NOT turn out as well as the Easter salad did. Sad. I might be deposed from my title as Salad Maker if I don't step up my game.

Nat and I are married to a couple of smart-arses:

We also celebrated my birthday, which had been the day before. My mom made buttermilk pies to put my candles in - my favorite. But they turned out... weird. They didn't taste quite right. Mom thinks it's because she tried a new pie crust recipe that seemed to have too much shortening in it. She had to, like, mold the pie dough into the pie pan, and it was really, really sticky. Maybe that affected the custard-ey part of the pie itself? It was sad. I tried to choke some down, but it just didn't taste quite right.

I chose to take a long nap that afternoon instead of doing hair or makeup. Oh well. Sleep or prettiness? Sleep. Always.

I've been whitening my teeth; can you tell??? It's killing me, Smalls. My teeth are so sensitive. I've had to spread the whitening process a little farther apart than the normal person. I have to do it, like, once every three nights. I did night 10 of 14 last night, and I've been in pain all day. The things we do to not have Corn Nut Teeth.

Gage desperately needed a nap, so we put him down in the pack-and-play in my parent's guest bedroom, but he was not having any of it. After an hour of him crying, I went and rescued him. He was quite traumatized by the whole thing:

So there you have it. Our Windy Easter Celebration.

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Emily Empey said...

I love the picture of you and Gage! So cute! 150 eggs WOW -- thats a lot! And everytime you put arses... i read the word you meant! haha woops.. I am so bad!

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