Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tie-Dyeing of Intimates

Sorry - more vintage pics. This is the last of them. From Girls' Camp, 1993.

Oh my gosh, camp that year was soooooooo much fun. Emily W. and I were going as, like, youth leaders, or something like that. I think maybe it was for one of our Laurel projects? I really don't remember. Anyways, we were entirely in charge of food for the week. It was daunting. But we did a good job. I remember one night we had Chinese Sundaes. Yum.

And I remember that we forgot flour to make gravy one night, so Brook B. and I tried using blueberry muffin mix for the flour, but plucking the blueberries out of it. Ugh, it still tasted like blueberries. :) And we felt like it was easier to mix instant mashed potatoes with our hands than spoons. I'm telling you, there is nothing more satisfying than squishing instant mashed potatoes between your fingers.

Em and I spent hours and hours preparing for that week - we were working with our camp director for that week, Yvonne B. She was so much fun - very youthful and very rock-n-roll. We loved her. We were at the store one night, really late, finishing up some stuff, and we were soooo tired and wanted to go home. She was like, "Just a few more purchases, girls." Em and I started singing "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfinkel. Trying to give her hints about calling it a night. Which led to a sing-a-thon. We were trying to remember the words to "1999" by Prince, but not really succeeding.

Our theme for the week was Fiddler on the Roof. I'm not sure who made this little Tevye scarecrow, but he was a hit with all of us:

That's me, on the left. The one in front is Heidi B., who is now Mrs. Idaho! (And she is still that skinny, lucky girl.) And on the right is Emily W. - my Prince-singing partner in crime.

We did skits every year for camp - our skit was kind of like a Dating Game skit. I played the host. We thought the skit was hilarious. The Stake Young Women's Presidency disagreed. We got into trouble for "inappropriate content." Hahaha! I mean, we had a serial murderer as one of the eligible bachelors... I guess that was inappropriate.

Elibigle Bachelorette: Bachelor Number 2, what is your idea of the ideal date?

Bachelor #2: In a van... in the dark... in the forest...

Here's me, being the Dating Game host:

We had a tie-dying activity, in which we, of course, tie-dyed probably inappropriate things:

That's my sis, Nat, on the right, and Kara A. on the left.

And me, as ever, displaying my flat hump:

I guess we were the Rebel Ward of the stake, eh? (That shirt was from a softball team I was on, The Wild Barracudas.)


Aprillium said...

LOL I soooo remember that! it was a great year for sure! :) I think it was my first year at girls camp if I remember right... and I have to agree... seems like all of the years that I went with our ward we were doing things "rebel style" :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun girls camp! :)

Camille said...

Oh my girls camp! K - so I loved it when I was a girl, but I am SOOO SOOO glad that I have never had that calling as an adult - how hard would that be? I am so thankful for my camp leaders - who I totally didn't appreciate at the time!
PS - I ran into Heidi B's home decorating blog the other day and about died!

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