Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Craft #2

Yeah, I'm still talking about the crafts I did for Easter decor. Um, because I just finished the one I'm going to talk about two days ago. I'm neat.

Kay. So. The Better Homes and Gardens website is one of my favorite places to hang out. They have fantastic holiday decor ideas. I saw this idea in my perusals and just had to do it:

I figured it would be really cheap, because I had some old, small buckets (that I bought for Dylan's birthday party last year) in my basement. I thought, I'm going to just spray paint those suckers and it will be so cheap!

I soooooo wasn't interested in blowing out any more eggs. When I was wandering around in Michael's one day, I saw some eggs made of... I don't know what. They seemed as light as styrofoam, but they had the texture of... I don't know. Something hard. What a dumb sentence. I'm having a hard time putting words together tonight. Weird.

So those eggs were on super-clearance, and I bought like five of 'em. They were larger than normal eggs, but not too bad. They were purple, pink, and yellow, but again, I thought, spraypaint will do the trick.

Um, apparently, I am a really bad spray painter:

Look at those drips!

I was a bit heavy-handed. I'm just not used to spray paint, I guess. I'm more of a glob-tons-of-acrylic-paint-on-something-much-in-the-style-of-Van-Gogh kind of a person.

Um, so I had to buy some white buckets. They were like maybe $1 each. Got 'em at Michael's.

And I blew out some more dang eggs. Blah.

Now comes the fun part. The Mod Podging. Can I tell you how in love I am with Mod Podge? It's my favorite thing. And it smells good, too. :)

I found some adorable paper at Wal-Mart for this leetle craft. I cut out the small designs in the paper, then mod podged them onto the eggs.

I learned that, the smaller the design, the easier it is to mod podge. Things with larger area are more difficult to affix, especially if the paper is cardstock, which mine was.

Small, thin designs like this were much easier to work with:

Ben keeps telling me that the above is his "favorite egg." I forgot to take a pic of my favorite egg, dang it. It has paisley stuff on it. I like paisley, I've decided.

I wanted a bit of variety, so I painted some of the other eggs in the blue colors that the paper had on it:

Ben helped me. He is my partner in Crafting Crime. He's so cute. He held onto the eggs with toothpicks via the holes on either end of the egg from when I blew them out, and I painted them with - you guessed it - acrylic paint. I heart acrylic paint. I understand it. It understands me. We watched The Killing together and just painted. He's the best.

Then I mod podged some more cut-out designs on the colored eggs:

I wanted to try to hot glue some ribbon around some of the eggs, too. The rick-rack worked a lot better than the grosgrain:

So I kind of put the grosgrain-covered egg toward the back of my display. :)

Isn't it weird how you remember what you were watching when you were doing a specific craft? Ben and I were watching Fool's Gold when I glued those ribbons on.

And then I cut a strip of paper, mod podged it around the middle of an egg (again, this was difficult because of the large area and the stiffness of the paper. You have to kind of let it crinkle on the edges so that it glues down flush with the egg). Then I tied a ribbon around it:

I saw some grass at Wally's that wasn't Easter grass - it's in the flower-arranging department. I liked it better than the yellowey Easter grass. I can't remember what it's called, but it had a more natural, browney color that I wanted so that it matched my colors better.

Oh, and I mod podged one more little design on the front of a bucket, instead of painting a bird on the front.

Anywho, here is the final product:

Sorry the photographs aren't pretty - it was night when I finished, and I wanted to snap photos of it before the craziness of the next day, when I just get so busy doing kids and laundry and dishes, blah blah blah. I knew I would keep forgetting unless I took the dang pictures right then.

It turned out soooo much better than my Easter Eggs-in-a-vase thing did. That's for sure. And now I have to pack it away in my Easter box. :) I'm such a dork. But at least I finished it.


Talofa Expressions said...

Great job Kar! The grassy stuff is called Spanish moss. It grows all over the trees in Southern Mississippi. I love what you did!

Emily Empey said...

ahh those are so dang cute!!! I LOVE it!! I want to try it now!! :)

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