Thursday, May 19, 2011

Partying at the Park

Ben got home a little early-ish one Friday from work. It was a kind-of decent day, so I suggested he take the kiddos to the park while I make dinner. He took the camera along with him.

Obviously, our "fifth child," Sadie's friend, Katie, was with them. She's the one with the parents who are drug dealers. And who scream at each other on a daily basis outside of their house. And who try to run over each other with their cars. And throw knives at each other. And punch each other. Whose house the cops are at almost every single day, yet no arrests yet. Yep. That poor girl.

I love this picture of Sadie:

Sadie and Katie and some random neighborhood kid:

I love Micah's eyes in this picture. He is such a beautiful boy:

Another cute picture of the girls:


Aprillium said...

Cute pictures! It's really sad that nothing has been done about Katie's parents... then again, maybe it would do more damage for the state to step in? I dunno...hard situation that. I'm glad you guys had fun though! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun!! I love nice days when I can kick the kids outside:) Adorable pictures of Sadie and Micah!@!

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