Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 15...

...of the 31-Day Blog Challenge - Something you don't leave the house without.

My poise (I like to say "purse" like I'm from New Jersey [Joisey]. "Poise."):

That's not my purse. I'm just too lazy to take a picture of mine, although it's very similar to mine. It's giraffe print, but red spots instead of brownish spots. Ben picked it out for me for Christmas. He really has the best taste.

Yeah, I used to be anti-purse, like when I was in high school. I thought, "What on earth would I carry? I just have my wallet." But times change, I guess? I don't even remember when I made the change. Maybe sometime in college? And now my purse is my world. It holds my cell phone (when I remember to take it with me), my keys, my wallet, my checkbook, my ear buds for when I work out, sunglasses, sunglass wipes, calculator, lip gloss, eye drops, pens and pencils, and lots and lots and lots of junk and garbage. I really need to clean it out, actually.

I feel really weird if I'm out and about and don't have my purse with me. Ben did a rendering of a bridge that he designed for something or other. He put people walking on the bridge and on the shore of either side of this river. I couldn't figure out what seemed so weird about these people walking. And then I realized it - none of the women were carrying purses. That's why it seemed so off. Women carry purses. Unless they're jogging or something.


Emily Empey said...

haha I love this picture! Its MICHE -- what you need to get!! :) I do love your purse though!

Camille said...

Cutest purse ever! Love it .... and I'm with ya love me my purse - take it everywhere. I have like 6 purses so it's a trick to try to keep things where they should be. On Monday I went to the grocery store without my wallet because it was in my other purse - oops, I had to run home and get it.

Patty Cakes said...

Sunglass wipes? Whoa high classy lady.
You always have gum too.
Love that about you.

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