Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Mudda, hello cra-amp, here I a-am, at Dance Ca-amp...

More vintage pictures. I hope you don't mind. These pics are from Dance Camp, summer of 1993. We had a skit night one night when we were there, and my friends and I sang that "Hello, mudda, hello fadda" song, but with changed words. The "cra-amp" refers to the many, many leg and foot cramps you experience when you're dancing six hours per day. :)

So dude. These pictures are much like those "Where's Waldo?" books. See if you can find me in each picture. All you have to do is look for the one spazzy person. And that's me.

Did you find me? Top row, third from left. This was my class - the advanced class. They were a very somber, boring group of girls. I got along better with the girls in the intermediate class. They were more fun.

Our little devotional group - Where's Waldo?

Me in my room:

To this day, I say that Deseret Towers at BYU is the best place to sleep. I've never slept so soundly as I have at Deseret Towers. Something about the heating and air-conditioning vents blowing... I don't know. I just loved it. I stayed there a bunch when I did EFY, and same thing - total wonderful sleeping experiences.

I don't even think this statue is there anymore. I think there's a big old building where this was now:

I'm the third from the left in that pic, too.

I don't remember this girl's name, but she was in my devotional group and a total sweetheart:

Taking a break from the spazziness (that's me on the right):

Like I said, dancing six hours a day is pretty exhausting. Every muscle and joint hurt. I was putting Icy Hot on my legs and my arms were also soooo sore, so I thought, "I'm putting this on my biceps and triceps, too." Big, big mistake. Ohhhhh, the pain. I felt like my arms were on fire. I had to go wash it off. Maybe the skin is more sensitive on the arms??

When I was a teacher, I had a student once who secretly put Icy Hot on his nethers during class. True story. He had to leave class. I was confused as to what was going on until one of his little friends told me later on - "Dude, Corey put Icy Hot on his privates!" Boys are so weird. Who does that? And in the middle of English class? My heck.

Moving on.

Me and Jackie, my dear, dear friend who went with me to camp:

She's on the left, I'm on the right. I'm wearing the shirt they gave us - it says, "Dancers Turn Out Better." Get it? Turn out? Maybe you will only get that if you're a dancer...

At the final dinner/banquet. Again - I am the spazzy one:

Spaz Central:

A couple of action shots from class - me and this other girl (she always wore immodest leotards) did the Aurora's 16th Birthday Dance from Sleeping Beauty:

I LOVED that dance. It was really, really fast. I love doing fast stuff:

So Immodest Leotard Girl was kind of mean. She was more into adagio - the slow, controlled, balanced movements in ballet. So we would be doing this dance, and I would be going right on the beat with my movements - and the beat was really, really fast, like I said. And she couldn't really keep up with the beat - it just wasn't her schtick. So she yelled at me - "It's not a contest of who is fastest." I was like, "Um, I know. I'm just staying on the beat, dude." Whatever.

I'm a little embarrassed about my form in these pics. It did improve over the following few years. Especially my arms.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these posts!! I'm totally going to do this!!:) Hope you don't mind me taking your idea.

Wow!! When I saw those pictures of you dancing it was so cool! I know you were a dancer, but I've never seen any pictures of you doing it!! I've always enveyed people who can dance! I'm just not that coordinated. I think you look great in those ballet pictures!! But I also don't know anything about that:)

Camille said...

Wow Kar - those pics are beautiful! That is how I remember you - and that's always how you'll be in my mind.

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