Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aw, shucks...

How sweeeeeeeeeeet. Nat nominated me for an "I Love Your Blog" award.

Hey, LOOK!! I just made a link! Holy cow! I'm so proud of myself! I've been putting off learning how to do that forever! (And it wasn't that hard! I'm like my mom in this way - I get overwhelmed, so I put off learning something until I'm absolutely compelled to learn it. I just recently found out that my Gramps is the same way. He's learned how to scan a picture, save it to his computer, and send the picture in an e-mail about three times, and he has the instructions that three different people have written down for him, yet he gets so overwhelmed that he has me come over and just do it for him.)

Okay, so here is what you do. I'm too lazy to type this into my own words, so I'm just copying and pasting Nat's instructions here:

1. The winner (whoever I nominate) gets to put this same little sticker thingy on their blog. It's like the cool club or something.
2. Link back to me, because it's all about internet traffic and about getting more visits to your own blog and to other's. A giving tree of sorts.
3. Nominate 7 other blogs. (This part is going to be hard for me because there are so many stinking good ones out there that I read.)
4. Link up to said awesome blogs.
5. Leave a message on those blogs so they can get all flustered and butterfly-ey and blushy like I did when Kristy left a comment saying she nominated me.

Okay, now for the tough part - picking whose blogs to nominate:

Nat: Hey, look! I did it again! I am a genius!!! :) Okay. I nominate Nat, plus my other two sisters, and not only because they are my sisters. Because I am genuinely excited when I see they have posted. I like Nat's blog because it is chock-full of pop culture references. It's almost like an extended version of the game we like to play with each other: "Name that movie!!" For instance, in her most recent post, she was talking about how she actually got some good professional photographs of two of her kids (her kids have a major phobia of getting their pictures taken. It's almost Mommy-Hair-ish in calibur), and she proclaimed, "Wonder of wonder! Miracle of miracles!!" I knew, immediately upon reading those sentences, that she was quoting Fiddler on the Roof, when Tevya gives Sidel permission to marry the man she chooses, instead of the butcher, Lazerwolf.

Beads: I'm really getting the hang of this skill. Go me. Alright. I nominate my sister, Beads, because when you read her blog, you really, really get a sense of who she is. She doesn't put a happy/fakey facade on, you know, like, "I am perfect, and my life is perfect, and my dogs are perfect..." I kind of hate blogs like that. When she responds to personality tags, she isn't afraid to put herself out there - her fears, her insecurities, the things that truly make her happy and why... Reading her blog is like reading her journal. It's such a treat when someone opens herself up like that. Sometimes, Spencer (Beads' husband) posts to the same blog, and he cracks me up so much. Spence is pretty quiet in person, but when he writes, he is soooo freakin' funny.

Lex: I nominate Lex because she does the coolest thing for her post titles - they are all lines from very obscure songs. Lex is a big-time music lover, and she especially loves music that not a lot of people have discovered yet. So she will pick out, in her memory, a line from a song, or a song title, that has to do with what she's posting about. I love that. And she is really, really whitty. Or is it spelled "witty"? Hm. Too lazy to look that one up. It's looking like "witty" to me. Anyways. She has the funniest way of expressing herself, and I just love it. Instead of saying something like, "I heard that Micah has a doctor's appointment tomorrow," she will say, "Word on the street is that Micah has a doctor's appointment tomorrow." One day, when she picked me up at 5:45 in the freaking morning to jog, it was a Wednesday, and when I got in the car, she was wearing a do-rag, and she yelled, "Happy Wangsta Wednesday!!" She is so funny. And she types like she talks.

Mindy: Spencer's sister. I just recently discovered her blog, and whenever I see that she has recently posted, I go, "Yeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" and click right on it. She writes about the funniest things. And she is a fantastic writer. And she is so, so neat. Such a neat person. She teaches 7th graders (what my English department head used to call Sewer Snoids), and I can tell they love her so much. She is so creative. She posts the funniest pictures to go along with her stories. I wonder if she has a tri-pod, because she posts lots of pictures of herself. She'll say something like, "and then I fell asleep..." and there will be a picture of herself, pretending to be asleep on the couch. She recently tried a dessert that I had mentioned on my blog, and she wrote about it, and when I saw she had written about little old me, I was so flattered!!!!

Lish: Lish is the Seinfeld of the blogging world. She points out little things and just makes you laugh and laugh. Once she posted about a lady who inappropriately wore a plunging neckline to work. Today's post is about a fridge thief (or is it "theif"? I'm having such a hard time today!) at her office. And she is very clever. On yesterday's post, she was talking about this friend who says the rudest things to her, and then wrote some ideas she had for loving this friend, and then at the end of the post, she revealed that the mean friend was herself. Deep thoughts by Lish.

Pete: Pete doesn't really deserve this award, because he doesn't post enough, but I'm hoping my nominating him will shame him into posting more, because when he posts, I laugh and laugh. Pete is Nat's hubby. And he is a writer. So why he doesn't write more on his blog mystifies me. Anyways, my favorite post of his was when he was talking about how he has a poor mental idea of himself. He says he sees himself as David Beckham, when other people see him as looking like Steve Buscemi. Funny, funny, funny. Write more, Pete! Please???

Aaron: This is my friend, Michelle's, husband. His blog is almost entirely devoted to doughnuts. Or donuts. I think either spelling is acceptable. Thank goodness. Anyways, this man writes like donuts as if they were... works of art. Or literary masterpieces. He goes all around the San Diego area, trying every single donut shop he can find. He sometimes drives an hour each way, in order to try an assortment of their donuts and comment on them. Aaron is extremely smart - he went to Harvard Law School - and he's a lawyer, so he is, of course, an amazing writer. Very eloquent. And very funny.

Alright. That was hard to choose. Sorry if I gave you internal frowny-faces if I didn't nominate you. That was pretty tough. So, yay for blogs that I love to read.


Nat said...

Yeah, I wish that I could have nominated more people, because there are so many good ones that I read! But I tried to pick people that update often.

Thanks for the blog compliments! That's so sweet. And no, I didn't just choose you because you're my sis, although I nominated all my sisters. I truly get excited every time any of you update.

I agree that Pete needs to update more. He'll be talking about something, and I'm like, Dude! Blog about it! And then he won't. Although he liked the Flickr tag you did a little bit ago. (Again, thought about nominating him, but the whole updating recently thing that I was going for...)

I'm glad you figured out linking. YAY for new skillz! (Girls like guys with skills.-what movie?)

lexykay said...

napolean. pleeeease, challenge me

Beej said...

I don't think that I deserve an award. I don't post enough either. I'm a loser. I really think about it and want to...but then I get home from work...and I just want to go to bed or hang out with my hubbie. I will get better. I think.

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