Sunday, September 21, 2008

Micah - Just Pictures

Here are just some random shots of Micah that we took throughout the summer. He is so stinkin' cute:

And here are some videos.

This first one is the 3rd of July, at my Aunt Marilyn's house. I was an idiot and accidentally videotaped it sideways. Ben found a good way to get difficult bubbles out of Micah. I love this - his little, skinny legs swinging back and forth:

And this is a video of Micah sleeping - I love how newborns smile and frown and laugh and roll their eyes when they're sleeping. It's so cute. Unfortunately, it's a short video, because my dang loud other kids woke him up:


Lynita said...

So fun! I love the video clips, especially where he is smiling in his sleep. I think it is so cute when babies do that. How is it going with the growth stuff, is he getting better at eating?

Gifford Family said...

So cute! How has Micah been doing? Has he been gaining weight? I sure hope things are getting better!

Heath Family said...

Micah is a cute baby! I love that everytime I talk to him he gives me a great big smile. It makes my day. I'm glad he's eating better and gaining weight too. That's great! Way to go Micah (and Mommy)!

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