Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mama, Let Me Tell You Something...

I'm such a mean mom.

The thing is, Dylan repeats himself a lot. We have the same conversations all day long, every day. Him saying that he wants something, or wants to do something. Me saying no. Him arguing about why he should do the thing. Me telling him why I think he shouldn't do the thing. Him ignoring me, and then starting the cycle over again by telling me for the umpteenth time the thing he wants to do.

So sometimes, I cut him off.

I know. Mean.

Here's an example:

Dylan: Mom, I want to go play with my neighbors.

Me: You can't, honey, because we have to leave in five minutes to go pick up Sadie from preschool.

Dylan: But I really, really want to play with my neighbors!

Me: I know, but you can't right now. We have to pick up Sadie from preschool.

Dylan: But I really-


See? Cutting him off. Heartless, but can you blame me??

Here is where the title of this blog comes in to play. When I cut him off, he pauses for a moment, and then always says, "Mama, let me tell you something..." And then he starts the argument all over again: "I want to go and play with my neighbors right now." You think, when you hear, "Mama, let me tell you something..." that it's going to be a ground-breaking revelation, like, "My neighbors are going to move, and I want to say goodbye [Don't I wish??]." Or maybe some different line of persuasion in his case for playing with the neighbors, like, "I just want to give them a toy they left here yesterday," or "I need to get my shoes from their backyard," but nope. It is always just a way to start the argument again.

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Nat said...

Hey, he's a focused little guy, right? That's so funny.

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