Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Grateful Little Girl

Sadie can be soooooo rude sometimes. She is sassy and gives me attitude, and I can't stand it. However, there have been a few moments in the past few months that have warmed my heart and made me think, "Aw, she's so sweeeeeet..."

Sade is very good about thanking people. And with her little speech impediment, it sounds so cute: "Dee doo!!" The other night, Ben asked Sadie to say the dinner prayer, which she is always so excited about. She loves to pray, and it is so dang cute. After she said "Amen," she turned to Ben and said, sincerely, "Dee doo so muts!" [Thank you so much!] How cute is that? Thanking him for asking her to say the prayer? I wish Dylan was so willing. It's like pulling teeth to get that kid to pray.

Sadie has been constipating herself, again. Sigh. We went through this when we first started potty-training her, in the spring. She was scared to poop, so she somehow constipated herself, making her miserable, and all of the rest of us miserable, too. Well, she's suffered some kind of scared-of-pooping relapse, so now we're in constipation land again. Every few days, Ben and I get so sick of hearing how her bum-bum hurts, us suggesting that Sadie go potty, and her saying no, that we talk her into having us give her a little toddler suppository. Poor girl. Like I said before, she is probably the only three-year-old in the world who knows what a suppository is. And it's not fun for her to get one, obviously. And it's not fun for us, either, because it's gross, and it hurts her and freaks her out. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So the other day, I was giving her a suppository, and through her tears, she said, sincerely, "Dee doo, Mommy." The girl was thanking me for putting an object into her butt! It broke my heart into a million pieces.

I really hope she gets over her relapse soon. Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

hopefully she will soon enjoy watching her poo go down the kids loved watching thiers go down....gross I know. I wonder what happended to make her relapse

Anonymous said...

PS. that is really cool she is so grateful.

Nat said...

Poor girl with her pooping issues. I hope she gets back out of it. You could maybe slip fibrous foods into her diet, if she'll eat them. Like a bunch of apple juice or something. And her little "Dee Doo" is way cute.

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