Friday, September 26, 2008

Sadie's Kitchen

Sadie loves to play with my tupperware and utensils. The weirder the utensils, the more she likes 'em. So she loves to play with, like, the garlic press and the pastry blender, stuff like that. She doesn't really play with any normal toys - just mommy's kitchen stuff. Case in point - in the following picture, she is using my basting brush as her "witch's broom":

The tupperware is in a little hutch (because we have no cupboard space) that is just her size. She treats it like her own little toy box:

Now that the microwave is on top of that hutch, she will open it and store things in there. She'll put in a cup full of Light Bright pieces (She doesn't play Light Bright normally. She puts the small pieces into different cups and organizes them), or she'll put her best friend - her stuffed frog - in there "to tate [take] a nap." She's a funny, busy little girl.


Gifford Family said...

That is so cute! Little girls are so fun. Mine love to play house!

Janiece said...

I say...YOU GO GIRL!!!
Heck with a toy box, get her dishdrainers and things like that to store her "toys" in.
And the witches broom!! OH MY GOODNESS, I thought that was the cutest thing I have seen in a while!
Thanks for visitng my blog.

Nat said...

So creative! It's like you and me when we were little. We didn't neccessarily play with conventional toys; we did "Fifi and FooFoo" and stuff like that.

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