Thursday, September 25, 2008


Um, anyone that knows me knows that I get onto these little obsessive kicks. My sister, Nat, is the same way. I'll never forget the summer when I was 19, and Nat was 17. We went to Lake Tahoe on a family vacation, and both of us were freaking out the whole time, because we were each obsessing about a problem we perceived we had.

My obsession - I thought I was growing a moustache. I had some peach fuzz on my upper lip, and I was getting pretty tan, and the hairs looked really blonde and totally stood out. So whenever we passed any kind of reflective surface, I would pause and say something like, "You see that? Do you SEE that? I'm getting a moustache. I'm totally getting a moustache. That is disgusting. What am I going to do???"

Nat's obsession was her feet. She swore up and down that she was developing flat feet: "Look at me walk. Do you see my arches? Are my arches falling? Are my feet flat, in your opinion??" It was funny.

I had an obsessed-filled couple of days last week. I was talking to a lady in my ward, who was saying that she has a tongue thrust, which means she shoves her tongue into her teeth when she swallows, when apparently, you are supposed to press your tongue into the roof of your mouth when you swallow. Tongue-thrusting results in your teeth moving out and needing braces often. Well, I've had braces three times, and I was like, Oh my gosh! That's why I've had braces three times!! I have a tongue thrust!!

So for the next couple of days, it's all I could think about, swallowing correctly. And it was really hard! And I could actually feel my teeth moving out. I actually, literally, started habitually pushing them in with my finger throughout the day, resulting in them being a little bit loose, resulting me in thinking "Holy crap! They're moving out! I'm going to have to get braces AGAIN! How am I going to afford that??" After a couple of days, I had to force myself to think about different stuff, because I was going insane. And now I feel better. I still think I might have a thrust, but I'm trying not to think about my tongue or my teeth at all. I will go crazy if I think about it any more.


Lynita said...

LOL! Kar you are hysterical! Although I am with you, I obsess about things too. Right now I keep obsessing about whether these contractions are labor or that my water could break at any minute! Of course it could be worse right?

Autumn said...

I can picture you and your sister having these conversations during that summer, LOL! I don't know Nat but growing up with only sisters myself, I can just picture it. And, the only thing I obsess about is my weight, every day, all the time.

Chad said...

You are so funny! I love the recent reminiscences from your teenage years, because there are so many things I didn't know about you at the time.

Nat said...

Dude, I obsessed about that because Jon Yarrington told me he got flat feet from wearing Converse shoes. And I wore Converses all the time, so it was HIS fault!!

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